Hotels Sainte-Marie | Madagascar

H.S.M commits for Sainte-Marie

Area paradise with its primitive forest, flower species, humpback whales, Saint Marie is a real tropical paradise at the end of the world, away from massive tourism: simple lifestyle and a wonderful peaceful place.
Within the HSM Group, sustainable development is at the center of the concerns. Travel in the heart of real nature.

The Cétamada Association

Present on Sainte Marie to ensure the conservation of marine mammals. Created in 2009, the association disseminates a code of conduct and forms ecotourism guides to promote responsible and respectful observation.

Preserve Sainte-Marie Island

Minimize environment impacts

Protect and conserve the environment

To participate and recycle waste

Marin heritage protection

Frame the promotion of sustainable ecotourism

Educate and sensitize the marine environment and heritage

Develop community activities

Develop scientific research

Valorization of social and cultural life

Respect of labor legislation

Valuing local staff and culture

Improve conditions of life

Economic and community

Actively participate in all joint actions

Multiplying fair economic activity

Professionalize the activity more and more